At Life Vision we also seek to equip and inspire youth to mobilize their community through the use of continual learning, science, technology, art, sports and music.   We design professional development programs that will alleviate poverty, promote self-reliance and affirm structured community transformation.

Life Vision partners with grass root community based organizations for projects co-implementation to build the capacity of local communities targeting more structured transformation and sustainable change.

Life Vision For Development

An Egyptian non-profit Foundation

An Egyptian non-profit foundation believing in community transformation through development.

It is committed to taking care of the poor and oppressed, irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political conviction.  We operate in partnership with other local Egyptian Non Profit Organisations in Cairo and Upper Egypt, awakening and empowering them to help the poor through practical deeds.

Our Vision

Like all Egyptians Non-profit foundations, we all are aiming for a better Egypt, but we have focused our targets on:

"The marginalized ( women, children, youth) in rural areas and slums, live in dignity, capable of reaching their potential and positively impact their society."

Currently we have three main projects implemented in Cairo and Upper Egypt, mainly in Menia, Asiout and Beni Sweif governorates, identified to be at the top of the poorest governorates list in Egypt

Our Values:

  1. Love: Our motive as we reach our beneficiaries and society
  2. Positive Transformation: We strive for a real and sustainable impact in the lives of our beneficiaries and society
  3. Responsibility and Accountability: We are committed to our beneficiaries and partners to achieve our vision
  4. Team Work: we are a diverse yet integrated family, with clear rules and principles. We respect each other’s roles and allow each member to grow and to prove themselves
  5. Resource Mobilization: We strive to acknowledge our human and material resources and to smartly utilize them to achieve the best impact on people
  6. Investing Hidden Potentials: We help our beneficiaries discover and invest their hidden potentials as well as create an enabling environment for them to develop and rise and flourish

Lifevision Team

Life Vision team is an effective team, our staff members are the foundation of our successful organization.
They keen to contribute in improving quality, facilitate the completion of projects and increase productivity and efficiency.

lifevision for development team