Implementing  Aflatoun with its five core elements;

Personal understanding and Exploration-this helps the children discover themselves and know that they are unique and that they have to depend on each other and work as a team so as to achieve their dreams.

Child rights and Responsibilities- it is important to educate and enlighten children on their rights and the corresponding responsibility that they have to undertake to enjoy these rights e.g. with the right to food, a child has a responsibility to not waste food.

Saving and Spending- This explained that one does not need to have a lot money in order to save and that it is not only money that can be saved but also other resources. Using ones resources wisely is also a point that is highlighted.

Planning and Budgeting – organization and prior preparation to spending money is very important so as to avoid wastage and have something left for saving. This encourages children to know that they can control their future thus giving them that confidence they need to face tomorrow.

Child Social and Financial Enterprise – enables children to design their own projects not only to benefit them, but also the community. These could be non-financial (Social) e.g. Advocacy for children’s rights or Financial e.g. entrepreneurships